Moodle | activity ‘quiz’ | setting online quiz | remotely

When adding the quiz activity, the settings page will appear. The settings for a distance quiz are:


  1. Name: type the quiz’s name
  2. Description: Write an introduction that will be visible when students click on the quiz. (Configuration not mandatory)


  1. Open and close time: set a open/close time so that students can only start their attempt after the open time, and they must complete their attempt before the close time
  2. Time limit: set a time limit that will be going on the initial quiz page and a countdown timer is displayed in the quiz navigation block for the students during their attempt.
  3. When time expires: this setting controls what happens if a student fails to submit their quiz attempt before the time expires. It is recommended to choose “Open attempts are submitted automatically”


  1. New page: It is recommended to limit the number of question per page to 1
  2. Navigation method: It is recommended to enable the sequential navigation in which students must progress through the quiz in order and may not return to previous pages nor skip ahead.


This setting only applies to questions that have multiple parts, such as multiple choice or matching questions. Therefore the parts that make up these questions will be randomly shuffled each time a student attempts the quiz, provided the option is also enabled in the question settings (cf. C.6. SHUFFLE QUESTIONS).

Remark: When creating these type of questions, make sure the option “Shuffle the choices?” is checked


  1. Require password: It is recommended to set a password for the quiz so that students must enter it in order to attempt the quiz
  2. Browser security:
    • If “full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security” is selected, the quiz appears in a full screen popup window that covers all the other windows and has no navigation controls. Noting that, when using Chrome/Firefox, Print-screen and alt-tab are allowed while copy/paste and right-click are disabled and students can open internet and sotfwares on their workstations.
    • If “require the use of Safe Exam Browser” is select,
      • Teacher MUST set up a configuration file and send it to students
      • Students MUST open this configuration file in order to launch the quiz
      • Remarks:
        • Students MUST have Safe Exam Browser installed at their computer
        • Allowed browser key exam: Teachers must insert the browser key exam. This way students will only be able to access the quiz via this configuration file that is sent by the teacher. To access the tutorial on how to configure the Safe Exam Browser, click here.

  3. Block concurrent connections: It is recommended to be selected, in this case student Std1 can continue the quiz attempt only in the same browser session. Which means, any attempts to open same quiz using another computer, device or browser will be blocked. Therefore, another student Std2 will not be able to consult Std1’s attempt even though Std2 managed to log in with the credential of Std1.

  4. There are certain situations where student Std1 must lunch a new session to continue the quiz. These situations are:

    • If student Std1 closes the browser by mistake.
    • If the computer got freeze.

    In both cases, only the teacher alone has the permission to allow Std1 to lunch another session of the quiz, while the old session will be terminated. To do that, teacher must consult the attempts and choose to review the attempt of student std1.

    And then teacher has to click on “Allow student to continue this attempt using other device.


Once you create the quiz, by clicking on the bouton “save and display”, a new page will open in which you will create your questions, Check “Shuffle” in order to allow Moodle to shuffle the questions of every attempt taken


To limit the load related to the simultaneous connection of students, it is recommended to divide them into groups of maximum 100 students (in batches of teaching rooms for example) and ask them to start the quiz with a delay of 5 minutes per group. In the quiz parameters, use the restriction sets in the Restrict access of the quiz, as it is shown below.

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