Moodle | activity ‘quiz’ | block conucrrent connections

This tutorial is to help you block concurrent connections during a quiz in order to prevent any possible cheating scenario, such as: when std1 logs in using someone’s else credentials either to consult/modify the attempt of his/her friend.

  1. Set the quiz’s parameter
  2. In order to block concurrent sessions, you need to check « block concurrent connections » in the « Extra restrictions on attempts » category of your quiz on Moodle.USJ.

    In this case, student std1 can continue the quiz attempt only in the same browser session and on the same computer. Which means, any attempts to open same quiz using another computer, device or browser will be blocked. Therefore, if student std2 logged in with the credential of std1, std2 will be blocked from consulting std1’s attempt (see image below)

  3. Special cases to allow another session
  4. There are certain situations where student Std1 must launch a new session to continue the quiz. These situations are:

    • If student Std1 closes the browser by mistake.
    • If the computer got freeze or turned off.

    In both cases, only you alone have the permission to allow Std1 to lunch another session of the quiz, while the old session will be terminated. To do that, you must consult the attempts and choose to review the attempt of student std1.

    And then you have to click on “Allow student to continue this attempt using other device.

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