The following is considered to be quiz procedure either for colleagues or students; besides it is considered to be a checklist for the colleague.

Reserve a computer lab.
Inform you students about the date, location and the seating plan (if exists).
Make sure that all your students are enrolled in your Moodle course at most before the day of the quiz (Students should contact the help-desk if they face any problem).

Include a title for the quiz.
Include adequate instructions for students to read before they attempt the quiz. (Make sure that you include information about the number and type of questions).
Include an opening time of the quiz.
Include a closing time of the quiz.
Include a time limit of the quiz.
Set to submitted automatically all open attempts when time limit is expired.
Set for each student the number of attempts allowed to “1”.
Set the question’s order to “Shuffled randomly”.
Set the question’s behavior to “Shuffle within questions”.
Set the layout (i.e. number of question per page) to “5”. (A best practice is to have 5 MCQ/TF question per page and 1 essay question per page).
Set the navigation method to “Free” if you wish you students to return to previous pages or skip ahead.
Set a password for the quiz to be given to students at the start of the quiz. A best practice is to make the password clear, not hard to guess, use lowercase and no special characters.
Set an IP address restrictions to your quiz. (contact the IT department in order to get the IP addresses for the reserved computers to check if it is within the predefined IP ranges).

Assign at least one supervisor for every computer lab.
Make sure that either you or another content expert is present during the quiz.
Hide the relevant course material from Moodle before the Quiz start time.
Preview your Quiz for typos or mistakes.
Make sure that you have the phone number of one of the Moodle team members.
Inform students they need to bring their ID cards to the computer lab.
Make sure that the Quiz is visible to your students by selecting the eye icon (Right before the exam start time).
The institution should inform the IT department about the computer lab and the date of the quiz in order to cut the internet.

Ask your students to hide/turn off their mobile devices.
Ask students to use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or SEB to access the Quiz on Moodle.
Allocate time for students to read the Quiz instructions.
Check if all students have submitted their attempts before leaving the computer lab.
Adjust the Quiz |Time Limit if your students need more time (you can add extra time for a specific student using “user overrides” under Quiz administration).
Reveal any resources or activities that you might have hidden in your Moodle course before the exam.

It is recommended that all students be in the computer lab before 15 minutes from the start of the quiz, so that they can turn on the computer and log in into their accounts on.
They have to double click the navigator Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or SEB entitled Moodle Quiz.
They have to login into their account on Moodle.USJ by inserting their username and password (LDAP).
They have to access their course.
They have to click on the quiz activity.
They have to insert the password of the quiz and click “Attempt Launch”.
They have to click on “finish” once they answered all the questions.
Moodle will offer students a briefing of all the questions to verify if have they answered all the questions. To submit their attempt, they click on “submit all”.

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